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Foldable Smartphones Good or Bad in 2020

In the last couple of years, the foldable smartphones have been gaining lots of hype in the market all around the globe, at the end of 2018 the whole smartphone companies were competing with each other that, who will be launching the first foldable smartphone. And in the year 2019 to till now we have many fully functional foldable smartphones like Royole FlexPai, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung galaxy Z flip, Huawei Mate X / Xs, Motorola Moto Razr 2020 edition and more.

The reason behind in this futuristic invention is to design a device in such way, that it can carry a larger display with a compact form factor that consumer has an option of a larger display tablet and the normal phone as well just like we saw in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, and in case of Moto Razr and Samsung’s Galaxy Flip where the size of displays are respectively same as the normal phones but these fold from the middle to reduce its size by half of the device.

Now the question is that, do we really need the foldable phones?

There are some points in which we will discuss whether these foldable smartphones are good or bad for our daily use.

  • Display of foldable smartphones

As we all know that the displays made of glass are always a better and durable option, but here the displays are made of OLED glass panels with more plastic substrates, these displays are designed and tested to withstand over 100,000 folds without getting damaged. While experts say these phones will have a shorter life cycle.

royole flexpai foldable phone
Image Source: Unbox Therapy YouTube Chanel

The traditional smartphone comes with gorilla glass protection on displays to provide extra safeguards and toughness to the display. But my dear, in the case of foldable smartphones here the game has changed, to make gadgets bend you have to sacrifice the hardness of the display. Foldable displays have multiple thin layers of plastic, if they are accidentally exposed to a sharp or rough object (even with your nails too), there is always a risk of heavy scratches in these displays.

Smasung Galaxy Fold
Image Source: (Unbox Therapy YouTube Channel)

Due to the folds and bends, the screen creates a visual crease in the middle, which looks weird.


  • Design & Durability of foldable smartphones

At a glance, the design looks cool, but practically it is not true every time, there are some foldable smartphones like Royole Flexpai, Samsung Galaxy Fold & Huawei Mate X, which looks bulky and thick after folding. It feels like you put two normal phones on top of each other.

But somehow you can digest the flip concept of Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z flip, even these also look thick, but the height becomes almost half after folds, then it feels like a small square box.

On the other hand, if we talking about durability, then the matter is not so good. Even an accidental drop can destroy your phone and its screen. Having a hinge is it’s one of the big con because after a time span the chances of been damage of hinge is possible.

samsung z flip foldable smartphone
Image Source: (Tech Burner YouTube Channel)

As the bendable screen is made of plastic, which is a softer acrylic material, it’s more vulnerable to scratches than glass. As compared to glass, the plastic display is less clear. Besides, it has a transparency rating of just around 93%.

In almost every foldable smartphone, there is a gap between the hinge and screen, through small dust particles can easily enter, we can see these issues on different reviews done by experts.

moto razr foldable phone
Image Source: (Tech Burner YouTube Channel)


  • App Support for foldable smartphones

In 2018, Google announced that they were working to optimize Android OS for foldable smartphones so that consumers can have a flawless experience while using Android apps. But still, there are some popular apps that are not optimized for foldable devices.

Although the work is on progress to make the apps as foldable phone friendly. Because by the current time the reach of foldable smartphones is lesser, so that might be a reason where app developers are not showing their interest.


  • Cost of foldable phones

Because foldable phones are new kind of things, and companies are bringing these phones as a flagship device, so there is lots of research and development are going on, that’s why right now the cost of the phones are pretty much in higher side. If we compare these foldable phones with traditional flagship smartphone then it will clear that the specification of the traditional flagship phone is better. You can’t buy any device just to be futuristic.



Necessity is the mother of all invention”, but does we really need it? The answer may differ from person to person. Having a foldable phone is good, but we can’t ignore its flaws and downsides.

It needs some improvements in its technology and implementation, maybe within a few years, the foldable smartphones will probably become cheaper and more robust.

If you are a tech enthusiast, want to experience the phone and have lots of money to spend then go for it, get some hand dirty on it.

But as a normal consumer if you want to make this your primary phone then it’s a big NO from my side.


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